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About The Tapping Tool


What if relief for stress, anxiety, and trauma was at your fingertips all along?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly called Tapping, is an evidence-based mind-body tool you can use to self-regulate by tapping on specific points on your body. Studies have found Tapping can reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.


Tijana Coso discovered Tapping in the throes of severe depression. Skeptical but desperate for relief, she studied the history, science, and variations of EFT and began practicing it herself. Tapping worked—but learning how to do it and how it worked was daunting. This book simplifies that process.

The Tapping Tool offers both theory and practical guidance for EFT in simple language for immediate application. Coso takes the confusion out of Tapping so that you can start using it to reduce stress and anxiety before you’ve even finished the book.

"The Tapping Tool offers a very concrete and practical way to reduce stress, worry and anxiety, with a science backed, proven technique. Not only will you learn how to reduce stress, but the easy to follow processes offered by Tijana means everyone can benefit from this book - young and old. I truly recommend reading and applying The Tapping Tool!"

~ Dr Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor, Bond University and author of The Science Behind Tapping (Hay House)

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About Tijana Coso 

Tijana Coso has trained thousands of people in caring roles—including parents, educators, social workers, and mental health professionals—in Tapping. She is the creator of Functional Tapping (FT), a simplified version of EFT designed for immediate use. Her EFT workshops have been approved by mental health and child development organizations in the U.S., including the American Counseling Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She is an affiliate trainer with Bessel van der Kolks Trauma Research Foundation, The Therapeutic Alliance. 


Tijana is a continuing educational trainer for mental health workers, foster parents, nurses, teachers, and other caring professionals. Her corporate work addresses stress relief and unconscious bias.

To learn more about how Tapping for self-regulation can help your school or organization contact Tijana or go to

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Early Praise For The Tapping Tool... 

“Tijana’s passionate and practical nature unites to deliver tapping instructions that make Functional Tapping accessible and repeatable for everyone! I use it all the time. Personally and professionally. It gives me a moment of pause to help me check in with my emotional reaction and what is really going on! This book is a practical tool for personal and professional use.” --Louise Profit, Licensed Social Worker, Certified Trauma Professional & Certified Imago Relationship Therapist


"A wonderful and effective clinical tool can be applied in a very uncomplicated manner with the help of Tijana Coso's book on Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT ).  Providing examples and easy step-by-step instructions, she helps clinicians and other mental health professionals help their clients who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.  Using her approach, clinicians can easily implement and teach Tapping in a new way.  This EFT book is an excellent resource to add to your toolbox.  You never know; it might become your primary resource before you even realize it." --Deborah J McKenna LCPC, author of The Cluttered Mind












"I've dedicated my career to leading nonprofits that serve children and families who've experienced significant trauma. The teams I've led, have experienced significant secondary trauma. Research suggests using a somatic tool to address trauma. I haven’t found anything as easy to use, duplicatable, or effective as Functional Tapping. Tijana makes it so simple to use. It's been a game-changer and the Tapping Tool makes it easy to learn."

-- Sherri McKinney-Frantz MAOL, LSW; CEO Blue Ridge CASA for Children

"You don’t have to be a mental health professional to benefit from using this book. Fascinating, empowering, and comprehensive in scope, this valuable work offers hope for the millions seeking meaningful treatment and relief from the ongoing pain of trauma and anxiety. Tapping can change so much in your life. You don’t have to stay stuck in fear and anxiety. Tijana walks you through this powerful technique in a quick, easy fashion. So please do yourself a big favor and read it to gain emotional freedom." --Marti Murphy, Creator of the Transformational Tapping Certification; Emotional Fitness Coach; Author of Forbidden Emotions - The Key to Heal & 365 Days to Embracing Forbidden Emotions - A Daily Guide to Peace and Fulfillment.

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